School Security Upgrade Project

May 21st, 2016 | Camden LOCKS

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The school entry security project we are working on is our first major project to help upgrade the security of our local schools. The main component of this project is what we are calling the “video buzz system” for the front doors of the school buildings. All the school buildings will have a “video buzzer” installed on the front doors allowing the school administrative office to monitor and approve who enters the front doors of the school building.

As part of this project, a ‘buzzer’ along with a camera and intercom is installed at the door of the school building. After the school locks down in the morning after classes begin, anyone entering the school building will have to go to the front door of the school, stand in front of the video camera so the school administrative office can clearly see them and then press a button for the office to buzz them in.

The new school entry security upgrades will allow school administrators to more easily monitor and control who enters the school building after the children are in the building and the school is locked down for the day. The addition of a camera will allow the school administrative office to see the person as well as any item they may be bringing into the building without having to stand in front of the door thus making it safer and easier for them to use.